Pulse/Boston Red Sox – Fans Say on Boston Red Sox Team

The Pulse/Boston Red Sox is a site showing the positive & negetive conversation about the Boston Red Sox team by the twitter users across US. This is a great site showing opinion of the twitter users in terms of graph & how it varies over time. It can be sorted by Positive, negetive sentiment, overall tweets & social score. Photos can also be shared through Instagram. One can even join the conversation & tweet from the site itself. The US map showing the sentiment across the country helps analyze the tweets nationally. Users can also tweet using #PULSEREDSOX for twitter conversation. This type of sites are of great help during any event to analyze the sentiment. With social media taking a center stage, such applications are of immense use.

BP – My Gulf and Voices From The Gulf Youtube series

BP’s social media efforts to improve its brand image through the My Gulf video series on its youtube channel. Several videos under MY Gulf series showing the how the life has improved following the steps taken by BP. BP’s image had taken a beating following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. There were several negetive comments in facebook & twitter about the incident. A fake twitter account was also setup at the time of spill & it had attracted several followers. There is also a series on Voices From The Gulf. Facebook & Twitter pages are also proving to help improve in BP’s brand image. Social media is playing a great role for companies to shape their branding. This also helps in greater interaction with the customers. Recent facebook changes help brands have more rapport with their fans.

Airtel har friend zaroori (hfz) hai & Social Media

Airtel’s har friend zaroori hai campaign has helped it increase brand visibility & has provided Airtel with a great visibility in social media as well. The website has a very creative campaign on facebook. Select a friend, create a friend type & tag it. If it is the most popular, there is a chance to win a trip as well. The website also lists most popular friend types as well. The TVC has become popular as well. It has also become a popular search term on google. This is a very clear example of advertising creating branding for the company. Even the youtube video has got huge number of views & with many comments. This shows the participation by the users as well.

Mahindra XUV500 Guess the Price – Online contest

Given the rate at which new automobiles are launched in India, car companies are turning into unique campaigns for their marketing activities. Now Mahindra has comeout with a ‘Guess the Price’ of the XUV500 contest, new online contest for their new XUV500 SUV. One should guess the price of their new SUV and also answer 2 simple questions & the winner will walk away with the new SUV. There is also a chance to win 20 Indian GP tickets. one can logon to www.mahindraXUV500.com website & answer. Users can also logon daily & increase their chances of winning. The website has also videos & users can unlock various portions of the cars when number of likes given is reached. This is Open to all Mahindra vehicle owners, fans and automotive enthusiasts. Surely this campaign is going to get a lot of visibility given the uniqueness of the contest.

Mahindra XUV500 on Facebook
Mahindra XUV500 Guess the Price

Airtel Formula One Grand Prix of India – Greatest Racing Event

Formula One Grand Prix, greatest racing event, will take place in India in Oct. Airtel Formula One Grand Prix website which gives info about the event. Airtel would be the title sponsor of the Indian f1 grand prix. Airtel Grid girls, a reality show based event, to find the grid girls for Indian formula 1. 48 selected girls will be the paddock girls for Indian formula 1. There is also a simulator challenge & ultimate race game contest on the website. The contests also provide to win tickets to the event. Facebook, youtube & twitter profiles have also been given to keep up with the updates & this would help in social sharing. It will be held in Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

Hot Indian Startups – redbus, flipkart, snapdeal & others

With the era of dotcom boom over, social media & networking is playing a key role in the new startups. With Indian economy booming, several VC’s are investing in India. This has led to a boom of startups in India & several tech startups are doing well. SOme of the top Indian startups are snapdeal.com, flipkart.com, redbus.in, myntra.com, yebhi.com & others. Some of these startups are also advertising & promoting on social media websites & TV. This has led to job creaion in startups also. Even the international media is also focussing on Indian startup story. Will India ever produce the likes of facebook, twitter & others which have a huge international following.