Facebook Commerce

Facebook with millions of members provides great opportunity for brands to provide for shopping through their pages. However, the facebook commerce hasn’t taken off in a great way. Some of the brands which have opened their shops on facebook pages have closed it down. There are several issuses like facebook being a social networking site, people may not be interested in purchasing a product & also the issue of privacy.

People are used to buying a product or service on ecommerce or company website. They may be averse to purchasing the product on facebook. Some of the brands which opened stores didn’t have significant sales & also not much return on investment. The range of products available also is limited compared to their ecommerce site.

2012 Most Desired Brands in the U.S.

Buyology has released the 2012 Most Desired brands in the US. Buyology uses its proprietary technology to measure the brands. Men & women have different desired list of brands. This list has been released by Buyology & uSamp. Companies are spending millions of dollars on advertising & Marketing activities to create relationship with the brands. With the advent of social media, consumers are expressing their opinion about the brands. 220 diverse brands were evaluated with 4000 subjects. Southwest Airlines ranked #1 for both men & women. The list can be found at their website.

How to Customize Facebook Fan Pages to increase customer Engagement?

Facebook with millions of members provides a great way for companies to create fan pages & engage with them. Before a user likes the fan page, there should be clear mentioning of advantages they will get by becoming fans. The USP’s of fan page will provide them with an incentive to click on the fan page. Brands can include various offers presently running on the facebook page. Pics, Videos & other items can be included to increase customer engagement. The images used in the page should convey the overall brand image.

Downloads of the favorite tunes, videos will increase customer interaction. Behind the scenes pictures and videos can be posted on the wall, providing fans various ways to comment. Pre-release product teasers provide a way for fans to interact. Companies are also launching campaigns on their Facebook fan pages. Several top brands have their fan pages on Facebook & where members can post on walls, discuss & post photos/videos. Fans are taking to fan page to air their feedback about the product/service & this is also helping companies to better connect with the customers.

Hero Billion Voices – Role of Crowdsourcing in Advertising

Hero Billion Voices shows the role of crowdsourcing in Advertising. Users can sing the Heroes song & shoot a high resolution video of it & upload the video. Those selected will have the opportunity to participate in TVC. The Heroes song is about facing the fears big or small or pushing yourself beyond. Hero Billion Voices mobile app is also available on Android & Apple’s mobile app store. Facebook & twitter is also playing a major role in this concept. This is a very creative method of advertising & use of crowdsource in advertising. Several companies are using this new idea in advertsing. Several videos have already been uploaded. With the rise of internet & social media, it has made possible to use this concept.

Red Hot chilli Peppers – Look Around Interactive Music Video

Red Hot chilli Peppers has released interactive music video of their Look Around Music Video. With Click & Drag feature, Users can interact & view different scenes in a panoromic manner. Non-interactive version was released on Jan 26th. Many bands are releasing interactive version of the videos to get more engagement with the users. This helps them develop better rapport with the users. Augmented reality, interactive videos are some of the new methods of engagement with the users. Check out the video at Interactive Music Video

Twitter as a Branding Medium

Twitter has become a new branding medium for products & services. Brands can top the list either on the number of followers, amount of time brands spent in top trending list & others. Most of the tweets carry a brand name. With millions of tweets every month, a brand can have huge exposure helping it increse the brand visibility. Brands from industries like Electronics, FMCG, Computer, Automobile, Retail & others top the list. This can help in spreading the Brand awarness & increase brand visibility also.

Analytics service providers are also giving metrics of the brands in twitter in terms of engagement, followers & others. With Mobile internet exploding in recent years, it has become easier for the consumers to tweet about their experience with the product/service right from their point of purchase influencing the buyers. Some of the top brands on twitter are foxnews, bbcworld, nytimes, nprnews, mashable, engadget, techcrunch, time, Facebook, Nike, Apple, Wal-Mart, youtube & others.