Hero Billion Voices – Role of Crowdsourcing in Advertising

Hero Billion Voices shows the role of crowdsourcing in Advertising. Users can sing the Heroes song & shoot a high resolution video of it & upload the video. Those selected will have the opportunity to participate in TVC. The Heroes song is about facing the fears big or small or pushing yourself beyond. Hero Billion Voices mobile app is also available on Android & Apple’s mobile app store. Facebook & twitter is also playing a major role in this concept. This is a very creative method of advertising & use of crowdsource in advertising. Several companies are using this new idea in advertsing. Several videos have already been uploaded. With the rise of internet & social media, it has made possible to use this concept.

2 thoughts on “Hero Billion Voices – Role of Crowdsourcing in Advertising

  1. OK, I’ll bit, what are they advertising? I went to the site, the site’s performance is poor. the video gallery never loaded correctly. The English lyrics were not English. And in the end, I still don’t see any call to actions, unless you consider awareness a form.

  2. Gaurav says:

    on mobile, it is very difficult to send as the file size is huge. Should have been better if people were just asked to submit the voice and adjudged through voting mechanism. Then the top 10 would be contacted and signed up for an ad film

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