First Mover Advantage for Narendra Modi on Social Media & how it played a key role in Victory

Social Media has played a crucial Role in the 2014 Indian elections. Narendra Modi led BJP has routed out Congress to win the elctions. Modi connected well with the masses through social media platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube, forums & others. Narendra modi had the first mover advantage wrt to Social media & utilized tactfully to connect with the masses. His tweet after the victory has now created a new record for most RT’s in India.

#Results2014 is trending & Twitter’s trending topics in India have been dominated by the Indian elections. #Results2014, #IndiaDecides2014, @NaMo, #CongratsNamo & others are some of the other tredning topics. Modi has topped the election-related tweets in 2014 followed by AAP. BJP’s official facebook, twitter accounts have also seen massive rise in numbers.

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