Big Brands Reaction to Luis Suárez ‘bite’ & Real time Marketing

Urguay soccer player Luis Suarez who bit Italy’s player Giorgio Chiellini in the Fifa World Cup in Brazil yesterday provided a great opportunity for big brands for real time marketing using social media. Trident, TGI Fridays, McDonald’s, Bud Light, Domino’s Pizza UK, McDonald’s Uruguay, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snickers are some of the big brands which jumped into bandwagon. Promoted tweets with #Suarez hashtag was also found in twitter.

World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie Campaign – Using Snapchat to Communicate about Endangerd Species

World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with Turkish agency 41? 29! has launched a new campaign called #LastSelfie. The campaign uses Snapchat’s self-destruct method of photos to show how endangered species are vanishing from the earth. This is a very creative method of using snapchat for a promotional purpose. Social Media, selfie, snap chat & other social media tools are used extensively & this campaign uses what the current generation is widely using to communicate them a message.

WWF Denmark   LastSelfie

WWF Denmark LastSelfie

Xiaomi India’s Official Website goes live

Chine Smartphone Maker Xiaomi has launched its Indian website at . The website doesn’t have any information about when the products will be launched in India & how it will be sold. They also have an official facebook India page & can be liked from their Indian site. Xiaomi recently hired Manu Kumar Jain as the General Manager for India. They have set a target of 100,000 likes for their facebook page & this is also shown on their Indian website. This is a clever move by Xiaomi to connect with the Indian fans first before launching the product.

Xiaomi is known globally for affordable & great Android phones & has created a unique brand name globally. Mi3, RedMi, RedMi Note are some of its products & currently sells in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. It mainly sells through its website & its products have a great demand globally.

Mi India

Mi India