Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2013 – Apple, Google, Coco-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE & others

Apple has gained the top spot in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report. Coco-Cola, which has been in top spot for the last 13 years, has taken the 3rd spot. Google is in 2nd position. This is for the first time in the report that Coco-Cola is not in the top spot. Apple has seen a phenomenal growth in the last few years thanks to iPhone & ipad sales. Many tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel are in the top 10 list.

This report is published annually identifying top 100 best global brands. This year, the total value of all 100 Best Global Brands is USD $1.5 trillion. Apple, which was in #36 position in 2000 with a brand value of $6.6 Billion is now at #1 position with $98.3 Billion. Interbrand’s Best Global Brands methodology is ISO certified & has become a benchmark for the best global brands. Discovery, Duracell, Chevrolet are the new entrants for this year. Facebook, Google, Prada, Apple, Amazon are the fastest rising brands for 2013. Full report can be accessed at

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2013

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2013

Who are the Top 10 Brands with the Highest Number of US Facebook Fans?

Facebook has become an important of marketing activity for any brands. Brands use it to connect with their customers, provide offers, promotions, get feedback on products/services, polls & other activities. Brands create a business page which a user can “Like” to become a fan of the page. Big corporations, local business & others have a brand page on Facebook. Top 10 Brands with the Highest Number of US Facebook Fans are Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Samsung Mobile, Subway & others. Wal Mart has 31 Million US fans, Target with 21 Millions US fans & others.

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Top Brands on Tumblr – Sprite, MTV, Disney, Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren, Coco-Cola, Adidas, Gap & others.

With the rapid growth of social media, brands are hopping on to many social networks to connect with the customers. Ever since Yahoo bought Tumblr, all the eyes are on tumblr on how big brands will use it. Simply measured’s study on top 100 brands on Tumblr from July 5th to August 4th 2013. This study explores how brands are using tumblr in engagaing with the fans, how they are distributing the content & others. 31% of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands have Tumblr accounts. Of the 31 brands, 27 also have Pinterest or Instagram accounts. Many of these brands on tumblr are also using Facebook & twitter for engagement.

Compared to Facebook, twitter & Instagram, brands using Tumblr is still less & needs to catch up with other social networks. Six brands are posting more than ten times a week. Brands average less than one post per day on Tumblr. tumblr is a social network for images & these images get re-blogged resulting in fans’ engagement. Top brands on Tumblr by reblogs are Sprite, MTV, Disney, Tiffany & Co, Adidas, Gap, Coco-Cola & others.

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Top 10 Most Engaged Brands on Facebook : Coco-Cola, Avon, Walmart, Disney, Samsung mobile & others

Facebook with millions of members provides a perfect avenue for brands to engage with their customers. It is the largest social networking site & brands have built their facebook pages to engage, share & providing feedback to their customers. Reach, engagement & amplification are some of the important metrics in social media. Statista’s chart below provides the most engaged brands on Facebook based on the number of people talking about them on their brand pages.

Coco-Cola, Avon, Walmart, Disney, Samsung mobile & others are in the list. Coke’s FB page with 71 million likes & million of users talking about it tops the chart followed by Avon, Walmart & others. Avon has 3.4 million likes & 927,794 talking about this.

You will find more statistics at Statista