Moto G in India – A Highly Anticipated Phone of 2014 in India

Moto G, a highly anticipated phone of 2014 in India, will be released in India during the last week of Jan 2014. Moto G has created a great amount of interest in India ever since it was released. IN the US. it is availble for $179 & $199 unlocked versions. The phone will be priced competitively. This phone has been hailed as the best Android phone in the $200 range.

It has a 4.5″ HD display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU. Available in 8GB & 16GB versions with a quad core speed. This phone has become the latest craze in the Grey market. 720p HD video (front and rear) and 5 MP at 4:3 and 3.8 MP at 16:9 (user-configurable) with LED flash.