Which are India’s Top performing Facebook Brand Pages ?

Facebook has turned 10 & with more than 1 Billion members, facebook is a treasure trove for brands. Brand pages help connect with their fans, post updates, get feedback & for other activities. Marketers have been using facebook for various activties. To announce products, promotions, feedback & other activities. The period of data collection is from December 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014. Some of the important parameters are fan growth, fans, engagement figure, engagement rate, share of engagement & others. The list includes India’s most successful brands on facebook. Top 30 facebook pages by engagement are MTV roadies, bewakoof.com, samsung mobile india & others.

Top Brands on Tumblr – Sprite, MTV, Disney, Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren, Coco-Cola, Adidas, Gap & others.

With the rapid growth of social media, brands are hopping on to many social networks to connect with the customers. Ever since Yahoo bought Tumblr, all the eyes are on tumblr on how big brands will use it. Simply measured’s study on top 100 brands on Tumblr from July 5th to August 4th 2013. This study explores how brands are using tumblr in engagaing with the fans, how they are distributing the content & others. 31% of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands have Tumblr accounts. Of the 31 brands, 27 also have Pinterest or Instagram accounts. Many of these brands on tumblr are also using Facebook & twitter for engagement.

Compared to Facebook, twitter & Instagram, brands using Tumblr is still less & needs to catch up with other social networks. Six brands are posting more than ten times a week. Brands average less than one post per day on Tumblr. tumblr is a social network for images & these images get re-blogged resulting in fans’ engagement. Top brands on Tumblr by reblogs are Sprite, MTV, Disney, Tiffany & Co, Adidas, Gap, Coco-Cola & others.

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2013 MTV Video Music Awards(#RoadToTheVMAs) & the Role of Social Media

MTV has announced a new socially voted category called “Best song of the Summer”. The nominees for this award are Daft “Get Lucky,” Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It,” One Direction’s “Best Song Ever,” Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop,” Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love,”and Robin Thicke’s sexy “Blurred Lines.” Fans can vote via Vine, Twitter, Instagram by using #voteonedirection, #votethicke, #votemiley, #votedaftpunk, #voteselena or #votecalvinandellie. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Vine MTV also announced that Kanye West will perform at 2013 MTV VMA. The official hashtag for the VMA’s is #RoadToTheVMAs.

19 million mentions in the 2012 VMAs made social media a big success for MTV. Also 2012 generated around 200 topics trending throughout the world. Twitter mentions is influencing the TV ratings & this year MTV is making sure that socially VMA will be a great success. MTV and Twitter are selling packages of promoted tweets to five sponsors for this year’s VMA’s. The social media has generated millions of likes on instagram, tumblr twitter impressions & facebook likes.


Top Twitter Brands in India – NDTV, Times of India, MTV, IPL, CNN-IBN & others

Microblogging in India is emerging as a favorite medium for breaking news, sharing opinion/thoughts & for brand building activities. Twitter is the top microblogging platform in India & has become the favorite of the corporate world for their marketing activities. Pepsi is promoting the IPL hashtag in this season’s IPL, VW India also used Twitter for their #anything4Jetta campaign. Hashtags seems to have taken over the marketing campaigns & they are also commonly seen in Advts.

US, Brazil, Japan, UK & India are some of the top countries for Twitter. Some of the top Indian twitter brands are NDTV, Times of India, MTV, IPL, CNN-IBN, Vodafone India, Tata DoCoMo & many IPL cricket teams. IPL cricket teams are engaging with the audience with interesting tweets & also some of the top facebook brands are active on Twitter as well. Among the sectors, Entertainment, media, sports, telecom & Newspapers are topping the charts. Many advanced analytic programs provide deep dive analysis in to the audience share & engagement helping brands to better connect with the users.

Top Brands on Instagram – MTV, Nike, Starbucks, Redbull, Victoria’s Secret & others

Instagram has become the new destination for top brands. With 100 millions members, Visual marketing is helping brands connect with the customers easily. Many top brands like MTV, Nike, Starbucks & others are very popular on Instagram. Instagram web profiles, helps view photos from the web on the computer. Instagram web profile features a selection of a user’s most recent images along with the bio and also a follow link with the number of followers & following. Many brands are also using Pinterest for their marketing activities. According to some study, brands on Instagram have more followers than Pinterest. Also with the integration of Facebook & Instagram, it is helping users to connect easily & share their preferences.

Brands are using Instagram frequently & updating with the pics. Each of the pics can be liked & also comments can be given which helps in engagement. Brands can analyze their profile based on most liked photos, most commented photos, popular filters, locations & others. Instagram web profiles make it easier to manage the profiles from the computer rather going for a mobile device. During Hurricane sandy, thousands of photos was uploaded to Instagram by individual users documenting the hurricane. Some of the top brands on Instagram are MTV, Starbucks, Victoria’s secret, Eonline, Nike, Redbull, Burberry, Gucci, NBC News, Audi, NPR, General Electric  The onion, Armani, Puma, Levi’s, Gap, Adidas, Southwest Airlines, Rolling Stone, VH1 & others.

Top Branded Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook with millions of members provides a great way for companies to create fan pages. Several top brands have their fan pages on Facebook & where members can post on walls, discuss & post photos/videos. Currently facebook has the highest no. of fans at 60,950,064. Some of the other top branded pages are youtube, Coca-cola, Disney & MTV. Companies are also launching campaigns on their Facebook fan pages. Fans are taking to fan page to air their feedback about the product/service & this is also helping companies to better connect with the customers. Companies are also announcing new updates on the wall & this is being shared & liked by fans.