How travellers are using Mobile in Indian Airports ? – An AdNear Study

AdNear has released a study on the mobile usage behaviour of Travellers In Indian airports covering Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore airports. The sample size was 0.65 Million users over a period of 3 months.

1) Average time spend on Mobile is 1.61 hrs per user.

2) Mumbai travellers had 14% higher engagement as compared to the average time on mobile.

3) Bangalore travellers were lower on mobile engagement compared to travellers in 5 cities.

4) Mumbai travellers are either more mobile savvy or have easier access to Wifi

5) Audience trends: 3.4% Students, 4.2% home makers & 4.6% affluent & professionals.

Mobile Usage in Airports in India

Mobile Usage in Airports in India

The Dabbawala Foundation’s Share My Dabba Initiative

This is a non-profit collaboration between Happy Life Welfare Society  and The Dabbawala Foundation. Dabbawalas provide great services without any technological backup. Share My Dabba is an initiative to get food left uneaten in tiffins to hungry street children, using the dabbawala network.

All you have to do is put a Share sticker on your dabba if there is any left food in it. The sticker allows the dabbawalas to identify the ones Shared from the empty ones & use it to feed children. Here is the FAQ‘s on how the process is done.