Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA’s Open Automotive Alliance – To Bring Android platform to Cars

Open Automotive Alliance is a global alliance of tech & auto Industry leaders. This alliance will bring Android platform to cars in 2014. OAA is planning to make technology in the car safer, seamless & useful to everyone. Mobile technology which was in a very nascent stage a few years ago has grown rapidly. A common platform like Android will make innovation faster, bring cutting-edge technology to the drivers & a great experience for drivers/passengers.

Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA have formed the OAA. Mobile technology has reshaped the way we communicate. Similar to Apps, mobile browsing & other mobile tech, innovation in car technology will make driving safer. Connected Car experience will help provide drivers/passengers a great experience.

Open Automotive Alliance

Open Automotive Alliance

The Calgary Zoo Publishes World’s First Annual Report on Instagram

Bored of annual reports on PDF or Power point..? You can try instagram, pinterest or Tumblr. Calgary Zoo has made use of Instagram to present their 2012 annual report. You can check their entire report published through beautiful photos & captions on Instagram. This is a very innovative method of using photo sharing apps for publishing your annual report. Some of the ways in which this makes the report stand out in the crowd are

1) The pictures with information is easy to follow & understand. The visual way of communication is gaining momentum across the world.

2) Pictures captures the attention of the users & can be easily followed like a story.

3) It is social. Users can like the pics & also comment. They can share the information & this helps in building visibility for the brand.

4) Pictures can be tagged with the required keywords.