Big Brands Reaction to Luis Suárez ‘bite’ & Real time Marketing

Urguay soccer player Luis Suarez who bit Italy’s player Giorgio Chiellini in the Fifa World Cup in Brazil yesterday provided a great opportunity for big brands for real time marketing using social media. Trident, TGI Fridays, McDonald’s, Bud Light, Domino’s Pizza UK, McDonald’s Uruguay, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snickers are some of the big brands which jumped into bandwagon. Promoted tweets with #Suarez hashtag was also found in twitter.

Role of Social Media in Indian Premier League (IPL)

Social Media is proving to be a boon for Brands & teams in Indian Premier League. Social Media sites like Google+, facebook, twitter, youtube & others are providing a constant stream of real time information. Teams can keep up with their fans by providing information on team members, score, players information & others. This fuels a great deal of conversation among the fans. Photos & Videos of the matches results in higher engagement & amplification. Youtube is providing live streams of the matches & also hangouts attracting the fans. Reach of the teams is also increasing across facebook, twitter & others.

For sponsors & their brands, social media helps in increasing their social media profiles reach, know what they are talking about brands & others. They can measure the sentiment of the conversation & take appropriate actions. Companies are using particular hashtags to tweet. On the IPL official website & also on IPL youtube stream a wealth of social media information related to the IPL is available.

With the increasing influence of social media, companies are spending more budget on digital marketing. They are setting up social media command centers to analyze & keep up with the customers. Innovative campaigns & promotions have been made by companies to increase their visibility & to target new markets.

Pulse/Boston Red Sox – Fans Say on Boston Red Sox Team

The Pulse/Boston Red Sox is a site showing the positive & negetive conversation about the Boston Red Sox team by the twitter users across US. This is a great site showing opinion of the twitter users in terms of graph & how it varies over time. It can be sorted by Positive, negetive sentiment, overall tweets & social score. Photos can also be shared through Instagram. One can even join the conversation & tweet from the site itself. The US map showing the sentiment across the country helps analyze the tweets nationally. Users can also tweet using #PULSEREDSOX for twitter conversation. This type of sites are of great help during any event to analyze the sentiment. With social media taking a center stage, such applications are of immense use.

Airtel Formula One Grand Prix of India – Greatest Racing Event

Formula One Grand Prix, greatest racing event, will take place in India in Oct. Airtel Formula One Grand Prix website which gives info about the event. Airtel would be the title sponsor of the Indian f1 grand prix. Airtel Grid girls, a reality show based event, to find the grid girls for Indian formula 1. 48 selected girls will be the paddock girls for Indian formula 1. There is also a simulator challenge & ultimate race game contest on the website. The contests also provide to win tickets to the event. Facebook, youtube & twitter profiles have also been given to keep up with the updates & this would help in social sharing. It will be held in Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

India-Pakistan Cricket Semi Final – Discussions in Social Media

India-Pakistan Semi Final match has become a topic of interest in the social media sites. It is also a trending topic in Twitter. A facebook page has also been created to discuss about the match. For marketers, this match is a great way to reach the new audience & also to promote the product & services. No wonder, so many of the wall postings on facebook has been related to the match. Once the match starts, this topic will definetly become one of the top 10 trends today. This is the first high profile match between the 2 countries since the time social media has taken a centerstage. Several ads related to the match have also come in facebook, Google PPC & others. Images of India-Aus match have also been circulating on the net.