Xiaomi India’s Official Website goes live

Chine Smartphone Maker Xiaomi has launched its Indian website at mi.com/in . The website doesn’t have any information about when the products will be launched in India & how it will be sold. They also have an official facebook India page & can be liked from their Indian site. Xiaomi recently hired Manu Kumar Jain as the General Manager for India. They have set a target of 100,000 likes for their facebook page & this is also shown on their Indian website. This is a clever move by Xiaomi to connect with the Indian fans first before launching the product.

Xiaomi is known globally for affordable & great Android phones & has created a unique brand name globally. Mi3, RedMi, RedMi Note are some of its products & currently sells in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. It mainly sells through its website & its products have a great demand globally.

Mi India

Mi India

Xiaomi,Dropbox, Palantir, Jingdong, Zalando, SpaceX & others – The World’s Most Valuable Startups

Social Media, ecommerce, mobile & other areas has resulted in many startups going for IPO. Facebook, twitter & others are some of the noteworthy startups who have gone for IPO. Many of the startups are now valued at $1 billion or more. Facebook purchased startups like Instagram & Whatsapp, Yahoo purchased tumblr & others. These startups have been valued at billions & millions of dollars.

Xiaomi from China and Dropbox from the US are at the very top of the list followed by palantir, jingdong & others. Startups from US, EUrope & China are in the top 10 list. With the increase in the values of these startups, VC’s make a good ROI when the stakes are sold or the company gets listed.

Infographic: The World’s Most Valuable Startups | Statista
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